How to secure a Christmas tree on the roof of a car

Transporting a Christmas tree safely on the roof of your car requires careful preparation and proper fastening to avoid accidents. Here is a brief guide on how to do this safely:

  1. Choose the right mounting method: Decide whether you want to use a roof rack, roof rails or other special mounts. Make sure that these are suitable and safe for your vehicle type.

secure jeep christmas tree

If you use a roof platform from Rhino Rack or Frontrunner, you can also secure the Christmas tree with eyebolts.

  1. Prepare the tree: Cut the Christmas tree to the desired length, if necessary, and remove excess branches. Wrap the tree in a suitable protective cover to reduce needles and minimize the risk of damage.

  2. Place the tree on the roof of the car: Place the Christmas tree on the roof of the car, trunk first. Position it so that the top points backwards and protrudes over the vehicle if this is safe and does not impair visibility. 

  3. Attach the tree to the roof rack or roof rails: Use strong straps or tensioning straps to attach the tree securely to the roof rack or roof rails. Make sure that the fastenings are strong and stable.

  4. Secures against lateral slippage: Use additional lashing straps to secure the tree firmly to the vehicle. This prevents the tree from shifting during the journey.

  5. Check the stability: Before you set off, check thoroughly that the Christmas tree is secure and stable. Shake the tree carefully to make sure it is firmly in place.

  6. Drive carefully: Adapt your driving style to the changed conditions and drive carefully so as not to endanger the tree or other road users.

  7. Check while driving: Take occasional breaks to check that the boom is still securely fastened. Wind and other weather conditions can affect the securing.

With these steps, you should be able to transport your Christmas tree safely on the roof of your car. Observe the local traffic rules and regulations to avoid possible penalties.